Since 1994, Petrolin Group has been actively engaged in humanitarian and social activities in Africa through Fondation Espace Afrique, a NGO recognised as a public utility organisation by the authorities of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1996 and by the Republic of Benin’s government in 2004.


Social commitment

Fondation Espace Afrique

A substantial portion of Petrolin Group’s profits is earmarked as a contribution to help improve the social conditions of disadvantaged rural populations in Africa. 
With these funds, Fondation Espace Afrique has built boarding schools, clinics and provides free education and medical care in African rural communities 


The mission of Fondation Espace Afrique consists in working for the economic, social, cultural development of Africa and the promotion of its values by offering tools, building infrastructures and mobilizing human and financial resources around workable and lasting projects and initiatives.


  • To work for the humanitarian and social development of the African continent in pan-African perspective for the reduction of poverty
  • To promote the autonomy and self-sufficiency of African populations
  • To preserve and develop African traditions, knowledge and expertise
  • To foster the active participation of the African private sector in Africa’s development
  • To encourage partnerships between international development practitioners and players, and to instil a spirit of cooperation that goes beyond clan and cultural barriers


Fondation Espace Afrique finances and operates projects and initiatives in Benin, Gabon, Congo, Nigeria, Burkina-Faso as well as projects at the Pan-African level.


For more information, please visit Fondation Espace Afrique's website:
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