Petrolin is an international group active in the Petroleum, Mining and Energy industries with a diversification strategy focus on the promotion and development of Pan-African regional infrastructure projects.



With a turnover in excess of US$ 1 billion, Petrolin Group is active in Africa, in Europe and in the Middle-East. 
The Group is engaged in : 
Carte des activités
  ° Ogbele (OML 53)
  ° Omerelu (OML 54)
  ° OML 34 Democratic Republic of Congo
  ° Yema
  ° Matamba Makanzi
  ° N’dunda Burundi
  ° Block B
  ° Block D Malawi
  ° Block 2
  ° Block 3 Benin
  ° Backbone Project
  ° Fondation Espace Afrique Togo
  ° Comfort Jet Aviation Yemen
  ° Sharyoof Field (Block 53)
  ° Bayoot Field (Block 53)
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