Joint development agreements between the Republic of Benin and its neighbours led the authorities of Benin, in consultation with those of Niger, to promote an infrastructure development programme based on the “Backbone” concept devised by Mr. Dossou-Aworet, Petrolin Group’s founder.

It is in this context that PIC Network Limited was formed. The company conducted the preliminary studies at its own expense.

These studies helped strengthen the Republic of Benin’s decision to support a regionally integrated and cohesive transport infrastructures scheme (the “Backbone Project”).

Implementation of the Backbone Project will ensure a stable, balanced and attractive legal, financial and fiscal framework to attract local, regional and international investors.

To this end, the Republic of Benin and PIC Network Limited have entered into agreements to facilitate the creation of a public-private partnership with an initial core group of African and international investors and stakeholders.

The Backbone

An integrated and cohesive transport infrastructure project...

The Backbone Project concept proposed by PIC Network Limited hinges on the coordinated development of a number of major infrastructure projects for the sub-region:
  • The construction and exploitation of a new deep water port in Sème-Kpodji, located on the border between Nigeria and Benin

  • The rehabilitation and exploitation of the existing railway lines Cotonou-Parakou, the construction and exploitation of new railway lines from Parakou to Niamey (Niger) and the possible extension to the port, the airport and possibly even to Lagos (Nigeria)

  • The construction and exploitation of a dry port as a multimodal logistic platforms

  • The construction and exploitation of a new international airport in Krake on the border between Nigeria and Benin

  • Various ancillary and related infrastructures

... as a part of a regional development perspective...

  • To promote the regional interconnection of surface networks (the roads and railways)

  • To improve the performance of transit corridors with neighbouring countries (especially landlocked ones)

... and built on a public-private partnership approach.

PIC Network Limited, as the promoter and coordinator of the Backbone Project, placed under the Authority of the States, invites interested parties - public or private, national or international players - to join the venture.
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